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Started by a drawing
read Descriptions please!
I may be Cupid at my school, but in here I'll just be the eyes of you. For I'm about to tell you a story about two girls I once knew. You see, I maybe part of it but it isn't my story. You don't need to know who I am but you need to know who these girls are. This story is about two artists Tea and Katie...

Let us start at the beginning... There was no Once Upon a Time... no Once there was... No. It all just started on an computer. Yes, a computer. You see that was what happened.
It all started by a drawing Katie had drew to cheer up a sad Tea. Who knew one drawing to cheer someone up could start a relationship to bloom? The two began to talk more and more till the two knew they had a special connection with each other...

Katie had drove almost across the country, but it was really half way across the country really. She couldn't wait to finally see her lover after all this time. It was almost a year since this relationship started and now the two would meet in person. The blonde girl sat anxiously in the car as her mother drove up the rode towards Tea's home. They had only seen each other through video chatting and notes but now it was the first time seeing each other.
Watching the landscape change while Tea prepared the two were happy to finally meet. The two did send presents to each other during special occasions, but this was a very special one. Once reaching the home the blonde hurried out of the car and rushed up the concreted pavement, only to be hugged by her lover. What seemed like months apart washed away as the two hugged. Laughter and tears of joy seemed to come out of the two. It was going to be a great summer for both of them.
After getting unpacked the red-haired girl brought the blonde to her room where she gave Katie a card. It was an unusually large card but was written with love. Now I did say this two were dating and yes they were. So during the days leading into Anime Expo the two spent days at an amusement park. Kisses were shared time to time as well as some hand holding, Tea also won a price for Katie.
All day they went on rides and had some fun. Now I did mention I was in this in a way. So allow us to get to that day.

(Anime Expo!~)
When that day arrived the two were in cosplay when I met them. For I was with my sister when I noticed two cosplayers together. One of them, of course I could know right away. I had seen her cosplay before and I noticed the two faces. One was as Chibi!America with tan skin and dark brown eyes.
She had a black dot near her left eye. The other was light skinned and was Chibi!England. She wasn't wearing contacts I suppose, but her eyes were truly a natural green. she was sorter than the America but I could tell them in an instant.

"Tea!? Katie!?" I exclaimed as I watched their faces look to see who said that.

I walked to them and introduced myself. The two where my idols in a way. They were an adorable couple. We talked a bit until I asked them about their blog. It was amazing how they got the idea and I promised them as soon as they get the battles going they will face one of Canada's gyms.
Before we went our ways we took pictures of each others cosplays. So yes, I was the first to meet them. Now before you say anything I saw them again the next day as Revolutionary!USUK. I wanted to be their friend and we talked some more until we came across the conversation of making the two kiss during the Hetalia Photo shoot gathering.

"That's a great idea!" I had said, "would you like me to request it?"
"Go ahead," the two agreed before I went up to the hosts.

I knew I had to leave very soon and when I was talking to one of the cosplayers before I left. I turned to see Tea and Katie upon the steps. I heard everyone cheering in the background. I smiled at my little job. I may not be CA Cupid but I am a small one in school and it worked at a con as well. I watched them before I walked away from the group.

'You both done well,' I thought, 'I hope you both stay together for a long while.'

I could tell those two were made for each other. They brought the best out of one another. Even when I saw them during the con. Neither one was mean and the two didn't think I was odd. They are both accepting and kind and I respected that.
I may not be great at love stories, but I surely know this one. So if anyone asked if I could ship anyone in reality I'd just sip my Tim Hortons and say

"Well there are lots of couples I know and I like them together, but the one I know most about are my two friends Tea and Katie. And why? Because they didn't need a cupid to find each other. It all came from a simple drawing."
I'm back! This is actually a story based on a trip I had to AX where I met one of the first two people I saw on dA: Tea and Katie. No for really, when I first got into Hetalia Tea's Hunger Games crossover was one the artworks I saw in the beginning. Tea and Katie, you guys are awesome. I know there are other artists out there, but I'm just glad you accepted to be my friends, even if I am a bit odd ^^; And I did promise to write you both a story. Sorry if it's a bit crappy. I did my best.

Tea is this person--> :iconcaptainjellyroll:
And Katie is this one--> :iconblack-feather1013:
Anything mentioned here like AX, Tim's, ect. I do not own!

Also special thanks to Katie for talking to me about how they met. Also a special credit to Tea's video about the two of them I based this off of --->…

Ok bye!
CaptainJellyroll Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i was blushing all the way through..!!! my heart couldnt stop pounding..!!!! ;////; /
thank you so much for the overwhelming affection!!! it means so much <333
Yuki-the-Trickster Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student General Artist
XD No problem. I'm just glad that I got to meet you both! You guys are awesome! THAN PRUSSIA!
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